Friday, October 2, 2015

Making a Video for Your Business? Don’t Forget Branding!

Whether you’re planning to make an explainer video to embed in your website or you’re drafting a Kickstarter campaign video, you must never forget branding. Your audience must be able to identify you as the maker of the video, whatever its purpose may be. They have to know that you’re the company that they should contact or the one that they’ll be working with if they want to answer the video’s call to action. Corporate Video Production
What is your brand identity? That’s the first thing you have to determine. You have to make your company distinct from others, especially when compared to competitors, and you have to show the basics of your brand’s identity in the short video.
In a recent blog post, John Jantsch said on branding:
“If we are to define a brand as the collective perception of those that interact with your business, then it’s safe to say you must consider elements beyond the traditional marketing identity set. Further, if we are to point the brand towards a single word, every element of the experience must be filtered through the lens of that word. The first task then is to determine what that word is or should be. It’s an important first step because it must have the legs to support everything you do – perhaps every decision you make.”
It is even better to simply tell your story and your mission without making an actual sales pitch (e.g. “Hire us!” or “Buy this!”). You can show the viewers what a typical day in your company is like, what you’re doing for worthwhile causes, and tell something interesting about your customers or how you’ve helped them. When your audience gets to appreciate your brand, they can be encouraged to know more about you and further find out how they can benefit from you.
You need to integrate branding throughout the planning and production of your video. It’s advisable to work with professionals in making a video for business in Denver, so you can create a compelling and creative script, shoot the video efficiently and in high quality, and have it edited professionally.
Why Online Video Advertising & Branding Builds a Stronger Connection with Your Audience.
Online video advertising offers your business a valuable connection to consumers. Video advertising provides consumers with more information than traditional paper advertisements and advertising online is more cost-effective than television commercials. Online advertising is an efficient way to form a connection with consumers and save money in the long run. Here are a few reasons why online advertising will work for your business:
1. Videos are easy to search for and easy to share. YouTube follows Google as one of the largest search engines out there, and this means videos rank high in search engine results. Billions of people are watching videos on YouTube every day. If someone has a question about a product or service, chances are they are going to turn to the internet to find answers. If information is available in video format, the majority of people are going to choose that format over any other. People also love to share information, and videos make it super simple to share with a simple click.
2. Videos elicit emotion and promote feedback. It is proven that video elicits a stronger emotional response in the audience than pictures or words alone. A video can help you connect with your audience on a level that a billboard or magazine ad cannot. Videos keep the audience's attention and pull them in so that they feel like a part of your story, and they are more likely to feel the emotions that will drive them to purchase your product or service. Many consumers feel motivated to leave feedback after a video, and can easily do so in the comment section. These comments can be addressed by your company in later videos, showing your consumers that you value their feedback.  

3. Videos are mobile and last forever. Once a video is online, it can stay there forever. This is a cost-effective advertising strategy, as opposed to television commercials which must continuously be paid for. You pay to make your online video once, yet it continues to reap benefits for the long haul. Today, everyone is on the run with their mobile devices glued to their hands. They watch videos while they pump gas, while they wait in line for coffee, and while they are sitting at the doctor's office. Mobile video ads allow you to be right there, right when the consumer needs you.